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November Meal Plan


Every month I scour the internet for dinners that will be easy, satisfying and nutritious for my family. Since I spend so much time creating a meal plan and then a grocery list I thought it would be helpful to share for even busier families, working mom’s or country dwellers like myself.

In my town, we can’t afford to go the local grocery mart every week. So I pack up the cooler, my reusable bags and my humongous grocery list and head to the city! Because I have a deep freezer I can store my meats, some dairy and breads and I then only make one trip to ‘the city’ a month. I actually save quite a bit of money and my family sticks to a fairly healthy and delicious meal plan.

So, here is theĀ november-meal-plan. Plus, with the cute font and fall color you too can print it and put it on your refrigerator. Just another tip my family uses to stay on our meal plan!

Take it easy and spend some time getting ready for December. Make a handmade ornament, write and address your Christmas cards, take care of some holiday needs before December comes so you can spend that time enjoying your friends and family!


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